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After about three visits they were considered married.

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If the husband stopped visiting, at any point in their lifetime, they were considered divorced. You can see this left the woman in a very precocious social position. As it went, Kaneie stopped visiting Michitsuna and they became estranged after almost twenty years of marriage.

To top this off, aristocratic women of the Heian period lived secluded lives, relegated to the interior rooms of their homes and imprisoned by the heavy fashion of the period.

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Telling herself that it was natural for a man to attach no value to someone who was less attractive than others and not very bright, she merely went to bed and got up day after day. But then it occurred to her as she leafed through the many current tales of the past, that such stories were only conventional tissues of fabrications, and that people might welcome the novelty of a journal written by an ordinary woman.

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If there were those who wondered what it might be like to be married to a man who moved in the very highest circles, she might invite them to find an answer here. Her memory was not good, either for the distant past or for more recent events, and she realized in the end that she had written many things it might have been better to omit. The book is divided into three parts. Course objectives.

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The course aims to develop students translation skills and sharpen their ability to apply philological and critical arguments through the close reading of Heian literary works including a broad range of genres waka, monogatari, nikki. The selection of texts will be used to understand marriage institution and more broadly the relationship between men and women in the aristocratic society from the X to XI centuries in Japan. Students will be expected to develop a thesis with regard to a specific work and support that thesis both through textual references and with regard to critical scholarship in the field.

A solid knowledge of Japanese political and social history from the X to XI centuries. Jason Collin Translator.

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This book provides in-depth insights on how men and women met, married, lived and divorced in Heian Japan and before. Although many scholars have argued that women had freedom of divorce and remarriage in those days, the author proves that An abridged translation of "Heian-jidai no Rikon no Kenkyu" A Study of Divorce in the Heian Period written by Hiromu Kurihara, Ph.

Although many scholars have argued that women had freedom of divorce and remarriage in those days, the author proves that only men had advantage of freedom using various excerpts from ancient literature and historical texts. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition.

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